Why is my band out of tune?

Have you ever spent ages with an electronic tuner getting a certain note bang in tune with either a piano or another brass player only to find that a different note is way off key?
That’s nothing then to do with the tuning slide; it’s all down to ‘intonation’ that’s based on the ‘Harmonic Series’ – and that’s the subject of Brass Band Wales’ first ‘Talking Technical’ workshops.

Nigel Seaman will be delving into the mysteries of the Harmonic Series, exploring some of its quirky idiosyncrasies so that you’ll have some good pointers for improving areas of intonation, whether you’re a performer, teacher or conductor.
If you’ve got an electronic tuner and some manuscript paper at home they may well come in handy but it’s not essential. See you there!

Sunday 18th April 11amFREE
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