Bandiau Prês Cymru | Brass Bands Wales are to represent Wales at a virtual meeting next month with Caroline
Dinenage MP who is the UK Government’s Minister for Digital & Culture.

The meeting will be focused on the topic of brass bands being able to travel without visa restrictions now that the UK
has left the European Union, and follows the issue being raised in parliament by Alex Davies-Jones MP, who
represents the Pontypridd constituency in South Wales. Both Cory & Tredegar Bands are due to be travelling to the
next European Championships to represent Wales.

The Minister has offered to virtually meet Alex and brass band representatives from all four nations on Thursday 11th
February from 12:30pm-1pm.

A recent petition seeking a Europe-wide visa-free work permit for touring professionals and artists gained over
250,000 signatures to enable a debate to take place in Parliament, whilst leading musicians such as Sir Elton John and
Nicola Benedetti are among 110 artists who have signed an open letter demanding action be taken by the
Government. It is so far unclear what impact the new regulations will have on brass bands, not only for attending
competitions, but also undertaking concert tours and exchange visits.

Andrew Jones, Chair of Brass Bands Wales’ Steering Group commented: “Brass Bands Wales is extremely grateful to
Alex Davies-Jones for raising this issue in the House of Commons and for the opportunity to engage with the Minister
and make the voice of Welsh brass bands heard. In conjunction with our other UK brass band counterparts, we aim to
ensure that brass bands will once again be able to perform overseas, with the minimum amount of bureaucracy and

Brass Bands Wales invites any members of the brass band community with concerns on the matter to get in touch via
email at or via their social media channels.