COVID-19 Advice & Guidance

Updated 15th May 2021

Following yesterday’s relaxing of restrictions in Wales by the Welsh Government, Brass Bands Wales is able to present formal guidance for the return to socially-distanced indoor rehearsals for full bands (up to 30 people) in Wales from Monday 17th May.

Playing brass instruments, especially in groups, is considered a higher risk activity. This is because of the potential for droplet and aerosol production and the absence at the moment of authoritative scientific analysis to assess the specific risk. Taking this into consideration, Brass Bands Wales recommends each of its member bands assess the following specific risks and how to mitigate them:


  • Rehearsal space is checked to ensure that 2m social distancing can be maintained.
  • Carefully consider the quality of the ventilation available, ideally via mechanical systems but also by opening windows and doors.
  • Group contact information collected and collated in advance for track and trace.
  • Attendees asked not to attend if they have any likelihood of having COVID-19.
  • Make attendees aware that attendance is not compulsory to ease the pressure on members where mild symptoms may prevail.
  • All chairs and music stands to be set out and wiped down in advance of players arriving (attendees may opt to bring their own music stand where possible).


  • Attendees should arrive separately and avoid any unnecessary congregating – moving straight to their seat.
  • Attendees should all sanitise hands before entering or upon entry, with sanitiser available at the venue.
  • Attendees should arriving wearing a mask (unless medically exempt), only removing the mask to play.
  • We recommend a policy whereby attendees either present confirmation of a negative test or a temperature is taken before rehearsal, to increase confidence.


  • Use side-to-side positioning (rather than face-to-face) wherever possible.
  • Observe social distancing of 2 metres between players and any other people (such as the conductor).
  • A face covering must be worn indoors at all times when not playing (This includes percussionists whilst playing and conductors).
  • Encourage special care of cleaning spit and condensation from instruments to prevent the spread of droplets. Members to bring their own cloth, contained within a waterproof bag.
  • Avoid sharing equipment (such as mutes, percussion sticks etc).
  • Ventilation breaks are recommended for longer rehearsals.


  • Attendees should not help to pack away chairs and stands – this should be done by one person once the rehearsal space has been cleared of attendees. Seats could be labelled with player names if and where appropriate.
  • Upon leaving, the final person should disinfect contact surfaces such as light switches and door handles.
  • Ensuring there is a clear policy in place for managing a COVID-19 positive individual, and abiding by Welsh Government self-isolation, Test, Trace, Protect guidelines and reporting requirements.


  • Whilst indoor rehearsing is permitted in groups of up to 30 people, hold rehearsals outdoor spaces where possible.
  • We recommend the appointment of a ‘COVID-19 officer’ to take responsibility for ensuring good practice at all times, including the risk assessment and ensuring the appropriate
    mitigations are in place.

Members are reminded that this information is for guidance purposes only and that the latest information regarding restrictions can be sourced from the Welsh Government’s website.

To find out more about the recommendations in Wales for rehearsing, performing and taking part in the performing arts, please visit: